Start Somewhere

Why Now?

I finished being President of Soroptimist International in July 2017. I finished being an SI officer in July 2018. I finished being the Chair of the SI Leadership Development Committee 31 December 2018.. and the SI function I have now is co-host the SI Convention in Kuala Lumpur in July this year (2019). I asked myself what else do I wish to finish?

With Soroptimist International Elect President Mariet Verhoef -Cohen on my last day as SI President, July 2017

We have restructured the organisation – the board structure, the committees and now use the calendar year. In December 2019 I will finish being the Immediate Past President and Mariet Verhoef Cohen will then take on the title as I slide along the perch to being a Past President. Under the old structure I would have finished all of the above in July 2019 at convention. If I had any goals to complete by the time I finished being IPP then I have this year to do so, and with the change I have an additional six months to complete the task. It’s a bonus to have extra time. What other bonuses have I got from today?

I concluded that completion of the post of Immediate Past President would be a good time to complete a task that I have wanted to do when life got too busy. Now, after a time of reflection, may be more appropriate than during a period of frenetic activity and challenges. The time is right for me to reflect and share my insights and experiences – maybe they will give you cause to reflect too.

I have wanted to write for some time and bring that together with my wish to share my lessons on my journey to leadership. I thought of writing a book – but that elephantine task became too large. It became easier to back off.

How do you eat an elephant ?
… One bite at a time.

This blog is my first figurative bite – and the next blog will be my second bite. Over the course of 2019 I anticipate making a meal of it!

I have had this blog site for two years and made three blogs, which i have removed, so this will be a fresh start.

I have the resources. Today I brought together the journals I have kept for the past ten years, all stored away, never read – all 48 of them. I was surprised at the number – I wonder what they hold?

I plan to move through the journals and as lessons in preparation for leadership pop up on reflection, I will create a blog on that lesson.

Lesson 1: Start Somewhere: The first step in the day is to move your feet out of bed and place them on the floor, thereby making a decision and a start to getting up and going. Our choice is to do this – and to do it at 6.00 am or 11.00 am. – whatever is right for you. We just need to take that first step: and act.

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I invite you along on the journey of “A Worthy Woman: Educating a Soroptimist to Lead”. Knowing you are out there will help me to stay focused, and retain my motivation to complete my project.

Question: Are you procrastinating? Start somewhere.. start today.

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

7 thoughts on “Start Somewhere”

  1. I shall be happy to walk this journey with you 👣🤗🙏🏽💕🕊🌏🌎🌍 Namaste Chris Knight Inspirational Connections/Dream Catcher/ Devout Hobbit & Your Soroptimist Sister 💕


  2. Following your blog with interest. I am sure it will be insightful and educational.
    I would like to add, when you get out of bed to start your day, put your shoes on and then you are ready for anything. Best wishes Leanne Meldrum Soroptimist International South Perth


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