What to do next?

July 2017 I stepped down from the role of Soroptimist International President. A time for reflection followed –  a time to look back, embrace the lessons learnt, acknowledge the successes, and look forward to the new year and new opportunities.

The biennium is for two years. Two years of

  • being challenged
  • undergoing personal and professional growth
  • stepping out of my comfort zone
  • writing reports
  • chairing meetings
  • travelling the world
  • speaking at conferences
  • fulfilling the demands and privileges of the role.
The joy of movement

Sitting on the couch a few weeks before I completed my term, talking with our daughter-in-law, and chatting about the following year,  we talked about what would come next. I asked the question aloud. ” What should  I do next?”

Across the room sat our granddaughter, aged 4 at the time, engrossed ( we thought) in her colouring-in…….. chirped up with the perfect answer:

“Feed the ducks!”

She is so right – it would be time to take some quiet time, to be grounded, catch my breath, spend more quality time with the family… and love the simplicity of..feeding the ducks!

Feed the ducks .. or enjoy the flamingos

The better answer, of course, is to build in the duck feeding time, and to have balance with the frenetic and busy times. I am learning to schedule in “Feeding the ducks” moments into my calendar .

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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