“I live near the water”

Shifting your perspective on feeling emotional.

I was reminded by an experienced facilitator at the 2014 Soroptimist Leadership Academy held at beautiful and historic Lake Ohrid, in then Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia and now officially The Republic of North Macedonia, that it’s OK to get emotional. That in, fact, it’s perfectly normal!

The attendees had started the course listening, taking notes and when asked a question would give us back the information we had shared.

One day there was a big shift. Their responses moved to expressing their own opinions. It was an awesome moment.

The facilitator, an American Soroptimist, living in Germany, understood the significance of what had happened in her workshop.

She paused, then explained to the attendees ( young women aged 18 – 28) that it is ok to feel emotional when something extraordinary occurs. That the change they had made was special and significant.

If you feel this way; you just say “I live near the water.”

It was a privilege to be a part of the Soroptimist Leadership Academy

She then got tearful. The connection with the young women was electric. They all lived near the water at that moment and celebrated the break through in personal growth.

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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