Making change

Making change can be uncomfortable. There is a simple exercise to start the conversation about change:

Cross your arms. You generally have a preference for one arm to be over the other.

Now change and have your other arm underneath. For some this can be disconcerting and uncomfortable

It’s a simple exercise that shows we are used to doing things one way and change or experiencing something from another angle can be uncomfortable. I found this exercise to be a simple and effective introduction to change.

Discussion Questions: How did it feel when you were asked to cross your arms the other way? Did it come naturally or did you have to stop and think about it? Were you comfortable with doing this differently from your normal process? and then move onto “What are some things that make people resistant to change?” and “What change do we want to see happen?”

More is available from

Fingers and thumbs crossed is another version.

The exercise can be developed further if we want to explore a deeper significance of why we do things; what this reveals about our personality. I think even if we don’t believe it does reflect something about how we operate and why, the exercise gives us a moment to reflect and think about the possibility that others see and do things differently.

Here’s link if you would like to explore this further: What does it mean to cross right over left? Personality types

The value in the exercise is to get us thinking. What do we assume or do without considering there might be another, and equally valid, way of achieving a similar result?

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

One thought on “Making change”

  1. Problem is Culture eats strategy for breakfast, as I heard quoted recently! Keep up the good work though…


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