Look for the highest intention

I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and one of the exercises was to take two opposite or conflicting items, and ask what was the highest intention of each. You could take the process up until you found one common area: the same highest intention.

What does a carrot and a chocolate cookie have in common? My first reaction was that one I viewed as healthy and the other as fattening… so opposites, nothing in common.

But the exercise said to keep asking yourself what is the highest intention: The Carrot’s highest intention is to give nutrition, and the highest intention of nutrition is to give health, and the highest intention of good health is so you can be active and have energy to do the things you want to.

The chocolate cookie’s highest intention is to give comfort, and the highest intention of comfort is to allow you to relax before you take on the next task, and the highest intention of relaxing is to give you energy….. you can see that this leads to energy, activity… the same as the carrot!

No. I am not leading you to look at what is on your plate and have a conversation with your food….

I think the principle can be applied to people and the highest intention to their actions.

Look at what you or others are doing and keep asking ” what is the highest intention”. Using the word “highest” enables you to take the positive channel.

You will be surprised that your action and his / her seemingly conflicting action may share the same highest intention. You have this intention in common – you are expressing it differently – but you do have something in common. Maybe that is the point where you can start building the bridge to work together.

It helps you stay focused too… I think Oprah Winfrey sums it up well:

  • Winfrey said there’s one question she has asked every guest she has interviewed.
  • The question is: What is your intention ?
  • The billionaire media mogul said she asks herself that question all the time and credits it with being one of the reasons for her success.
  • Winfrey explained why knowing your intention is important and can help others with finding their own success and motivations for doing something.

Find out more here: https://www.thisisinsider.com/oprah-winfrey-what-she-asks-all-her-guests-2017-9

So what is my intention for writing this blog? …. Simply that I have been gifted friendship, unconditional support, lessons, … that I want to share it. Maybe, just maybe, you might read something that has value; that at the very moment you read it, you gain clarity on an issue in your life, and its a trigger for something good.

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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