What would I do…

What do you do when you come to make a decision and it is proving difficult? The question to simply ask yourself is…

Fear of failure, fear of success? If I fail will I look stupid? If I succeed will I be able to continue succeeding? Will I be a one – wonder success? What will others think?

Starting out on the journey to write my blog included facing the fear of what if I really have nothing to say? I had an idea, was it a fanciful idea? I had journals – they were relevant at the time, I hadn’t looked back in them, would they be full of irrelevant musings? A confession – I have looked at only one journal out of the 48 on my shelf so far.

What if no one wants to read my blog? What if no one likes them? I solved that one quickly.
I tuned into WIIFM ( What’s In It For Me) and am comfortable with expressing my learning. I am writing for closure for myself, and if anyone comes along with me it’s a bonus to have the company.

So what would you do… if you were not afraid?

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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