Plan for success

My first lesson after I stood for President- Elect of Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific was to prepare for success.

I stood against two fine, experienced Soroptimists. They were well known. (I was advised by a senior member not to expect to win the election because I had no profile). In a way that helped me to relax a little because apparently I was unlikely to win.

In those days the President-Elect stood for office, her application was circulated to all clubs in the Federation, and then she was expected to address the biennial conference for 3 minutes. The club delegates would then vote, the vote announced, and she would take up her post at the board meeting that was held at the end of conference.

My focus was on getting the speech right, because I had committed myself to standing and I was determined to walk away being proud of what I could deliver. I did not look beyond the moment of having to deliver it. I knew when the PE took up office – and I was ready for that, however that was 2 days in the future.

What I did not prepare for was how to celebrate the success. I was humbled by the vote, and the joy from my New Zealand Soroptimist sisters that a Kiwi had been voted in. So, how do you acknowledge that? How do you share the success? I had no clue.

I was supported well by two Soroptimists in particular. Elaine Moffat vetted my speech and Thelma Luxton took me in hand and organised a celebration. Both have been wonderful mentors and I am grateful for their friendship and sage advice.

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

One thought on “Plan for success”

  1. The value of wonderful mentors and how is it that they arrive exactly when you need them YAY Love this post. It clearly shows that your journey is your journey, your speech was just words, your awesome involvement, humility and energy for what SI stands for was emanating louder than your prepared speech.


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