Guidelines for Discussion

We establish guidelines for how we would conduct ourselves when holding a Soroptimist International Board Meeting. This was a list that explored the culture of how we wanted to act. We would remind ourselves of this list at the beginning of the meetings. It set the tone.

shadow figures of women in group join

Guidelines for discussion:

We agree to disagree.

We agree to treat each other with dignity and respect, even when we disagree.

When we disagree, we agree to (1) explain why, and (2) provide other alternatives.

We agree not to get so tied to our own position that we ignore other points of view.

We agree that the prime responsibility of Board members is to act in the wider interests of SI.

What is said stays here unless we agree that it should be told to others.

Misery is optional (and so is guilt!)

We agree not to take ourselves too seriously, and to laugh often.

We agree that we are all in a state of learning, and that we will be open to suggestions or questions from each other that are offered in the spirit of learning and support.

We agree not to “shoot the messenger” i.e. focus on the issue not the person delivering it.

We agreed to support the consensus of the group.

We agree to speak slowly and remind others to do so, remembering that English is not everyone’s native language.

We agree that we will not have meetings within meetings by discussing issues with other individuals or groups of individuals.

We look forward to a successful meeting.

This worked for us… giving us a foundation of trust

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This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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