The value of face to face

Looking through my journals I see reference to travel arrangements – and the complexity of getting from place to place to maximise my travel budgets. The words triggered memories of the events and caused me to reflect on the greater issue of being there and what that meant.

A lot was invested in the federation President getting to visit clubs and I put as my first priority those clubs and regions which had not had a recent visit and especially those who were more isolated, or were struggling with membership or issues related to their projects

It was on these visits that the role was much more important than the person. It wasn’t Yvonne Simpson visiting; it was the “President” and I would hear words like ” privilege” and “honour”. It was certainly a privilege and honour for me. It was often a humbling experience – the genuine warmth and care that surrounded me and my well-being; the impact the club project was having on women and girls; and all done with limited resources and in volunteer time. They said they were uplifted by my visit; I was energised by being there.

A visit by a leader validates the work and people involved.

I doesn’t have to be an international trip – this equally applies in a place of work or a club: The leader calling in to check on a staff or club member, being at morning tea with the staff, visiting volunteers etc are ways the leaders can show they value their workers, colleagues, sister club members.

We have a mission to transform the status and lives of women and girls. The leaders cannot do that alone – they are part of a team. The clubs are like employees, and the leaders need to take care of the employees / clubs so they can then take on our mission.

They are affirmed. They do not work isolation. The global organisation represented by the leaders is there to show that the club members are valued and belong to movement that is worldwide.

I have had feedback that a comment, a word of encouragement has empowered a club member to step up to a leadership role. I cannot take credit that she made this important step. She had to find the courage to turn a word into action, but I made a contribution by being positive at the very moment she needed to hear encouragement.

The leader, being there face to face, made a difference .

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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