What if that person was so special she/ he would one day save the world? Would you treat her/ him any differently now?

The Christmas message I heard (ie really heard because I can still remember it) was the story of a religious community that was dysfunctional. Members were cross with each other; some left in a huff, and generally the atmosphere was toxic. The leader, the Bishop, was concerned and went to a Rabbi for help and advice.

The wise Rabbi told the Bishop that he was to tell his community one thing and then it was never to be mentioned again. The Bishop gathered his community together and shared the instruction that he would say something once and they were to never mention it again

The message was, “one of us is the Messiah”.

The community members went away back to their tasks. The message was never repeated, but what did happen was a change in the way people responded and related to each other. The community changed and flourished in harmony.

The message I took was that whatever the community we belong to – whether it be a community of faith, a family, a work place, a club, a social occasion – it is the way we respond and relate to each other that determines the quality of that community. We are responsible for how we treat others and when we treat each other with reverence and respect, treat each person as if he or she would one day save our world, then the miracle Christians see as Christmas, would become a reality.

May 2020 (the number that denotes perfect vision) be the year we treat each other with reverence and respect and truly bring peace to our world. It will also be the tool to bring about the Sustainable Development Goals of gender equality, elimination of poverty, quality education for all…. by the target year of 2030. We can do it – simply by changing our attitude and then acting accordingly.

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

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