Birthdays in a Bubble

April 3 2020. We are in day 9 of hibernation, staying home in my Bubble with my Bubble Buddy… and celebrating my Birthdays.

Birthdays, plural? Yes, I have a birthday certificate which states I was born on 1 April. My mother claims I was born 2 April at 12.30 am., the nurse locked herself in the matron’s office, wrote out the birth certificate, and handed it to Mum triumphantly and exclaimed, “There, she will have a sense of humour!”

My mother stuck to her decision and we celebrated my birthday on 2 April. I found out when I was 11 that there was discrepancy. I needed my birth certificate to enter a swimming competition, took it to the adjudicator who smiled and commented that I was an April Fool. I remonstrated with him and he showed me the certificate. I was stunned! When I got home I challenged my mother who laughed and said, “No one makes a fool of me!”

And so for years, as a joke, my mother would give me a card or gift on 2 April. It was tradition to receive a piece of jewellery to mark the occasion of transition to adulthood. For my 21st birthday Mum gave me a bracelet engraved with my birthday: 2 April

This year’s birthday – in a bubble was lovely. It was one of my memorable birthdays:

My Bubble Buddy, husband Richard, made a lovely brunch. Simple, attractively set out , made with care and thought. We have now established a brunch into our routine – a time together late morning to toast the day. We have a date.

My family was in touch. Quality time via video link with the grandchildren – lots of laughter. What is more special that time with little people? and their parents?

A virtual bunch of flowers. My daughter lives in another city, and could go shopping, but flower delivery is not an essential service, so she bought the flowers from the supermarket and sent me a photo. Its a gift that keeps giving. LOL.

The quality of contact with my 95 year old mother who lives in another city took a downturn in the days before the resthome went into lockdown. She was ill and infection really knocked her mobility and energy. Holding the phone to her ear is too hard. Saying a word was a major effort. My birthday treat was a full sentence, and clarity that she understood what I was saying.

An unexpected call from my father-in-law, who despite the challenges of memory loss as he approaches 90 , called me. Other family members also phoned in. Friends used FaceBook.

That was all on my official birthday.

On 2nd April, yesterday, Richard and I were called to the Medical Centre, to queue up in the car, and have our free flu jabs through the window. The first round of flu injections are for the priority group of the elderly, and those with underlying health issues. So, I am now aware that I am officially “Elderly”. Happy 2nd Birthday! That’s a bubble burster!

For those of you out there, and end enjoy birthdays too – may I assure you that Belated Birthday greetings are also valued

Today I plan to have a “Happy un-Birthday” and send you all “Happy un- Birthday” greetings too

Author: Yvonne Simpson

This blog shares my leadership journey and my passion for educating to lead.

5 thoughts on “Birthdays in a Bubble”

  1. Happy Birthday and (un -Birthday) Yvonne. Richard’s brunch looks fabulous!
    You are looking well – not elderly at all!
    Love Jane


  2. A truly lovely story around your birthday, it brought a smile to my face! I do hope our Mother is ok while in lockdown, I have the highest respect for the people who care for our elderly, but sad for you that you cannot visit her,
    happy belated birthday!


  3. I never got the opportunity to sing happy Birthday from under the balcony on my daily walk, but we will definitely have time to celebrate after lockdown.
    So pleased you enjoyed your lockdown Birthday xc


  4. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your two birthdays—along with the pics. Blessings for the next year of being ‘elderly’.


  5. Belated happy birthday Yvonne from locked down CapeTown. Super brunch picture – food and you!


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