Being “A Worthy Woman”

It’s all about potential and having faith in yourself enough to give it a go; having the confidence to pick yourself up when the going gets touch; the humility to accept help and taking the time to celebrate the successes. This blog shares my reflections – and hopefully gives others a chance to reflect, be kind to yourselves, get further along the journey of leadership and acknowledge your worthiness of the friendships encountered and successes achieved.

We are all leaders and influence others by how we act, and react  – so here’s to sharing the journey.

With Ann Hodgson, SIGBI President from UK (right) in the United Nations General Assembly Hall. Soroptimist International has General Consultative Status – because we are a “Global Voice for Women”, with clubs providing grassroots service for women in 122 countries.

Yvonne Simpson, Soroptimist International President 2015 – 2017

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